Stacey Roberts


Location: United States

Experience: 4 Years

In-App Name: Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts (Fitness Momness)

I’m a wife, mom to four boys, and fitness enthusiast. One of the reasons I am so drawn to fitness is because it’s a big piece to the puzzle of feeling my best both mentally and physically. I want to feel and function well, and I truly enjoy helping others achieve the same. In some ways, I am still a child at heart, and love to play around and not take myself too seriously. I will do handstands and back handsprings anywhere and go to great lengths for the sake of a fun photo. I love to play games with my husband and kids, have dance parties, and create obstacle courses. I also enjoy making silly music videos with my 8 siblings (yes, we are all adults).

I have always been a dreamer, as well. I get passionate about ideas, I think big, I love to be inspired, I’m competitive, and I enjoy a good challenge – this is where my serious side comes out. I thrive when I have a goal and enjoy working hard when I am passionate about the work. Once I became a fitness instructor and found so much joy in helping others reach their goals, it began to snowball into something bigger every single year. I regularly immerse myself in training, education, workshops, podcasts and enjoy learning as much as possible about mental and physical health. I am here to help you reach your goals while having fun and enjoying life. Balance is a beautiful thing, and I believe the journey towards reaching your goals can and should be something you enjoy rather than suffer through.

Main Type of Workout Focus

  • “Booty”
  • Barre “PowerPilates”
  • Full Body