Angela Karner


Location: United States

Experience: 8 Years

In-App Name: Angela Karner

Angela Karner

My name is Angela Karner and I am a professional fitness instructor, mother and wife. Movement has always been an important part of my life. I am a former competitive gymnast and elite marathon runner.

Prior to becoming a fitness instructor, I spent my life at sea. I was a marine biology major, specializing in scientific diving. I worked as a SCUBA instructor in the US Virgin Islands and Hawaii. At age 29 I completed my USCG captain training and became a yacht captain. A few years later I earned a marine engineering license. I was fortunate to spend 14 years working aboard private yachts and research vessels, world-wide.

I retired from my life at sea weeks before my first child was born. My career was a huge part of my identity. When it came time to decide on a new career path, fitness was the clear choice for me.

My goal is to share the physical, emotional and mental benefits of consistent movement to as many people as possible. I am thrilled to be able to introduce clients to a stronger version of themselves.

I continue to grow my knowledge base in order to provide the safest and highest quality movement experience. If you’re interested in working with me but are not sure where to start, please email angela@thegoodbarre.com.


Main Type of Workout Focus

  • Barre “PowerPilates”